Friday, November 2, 2012

ReCap of #Latism12, Special Thanks #ToyotaLatino #Latism #LoveSujeiry & Donate to #Sandy Relief #SandyHelp

The Latism Awards Gala night sponsored by Toyota
(l)Sujeiry Gonzalez, great friend & author of Love Trips
(r) Yours truly, Vicky B, MSW or @DocSabia on Twitter
What happens when a few New York City girls make their way to Houston, Texas to fully embrace the Latism '12 experience?

They do as Texans do, take the bull by the horns!

The Latism '12 Conference that took place from October 25th to October 27th was a fast-pace, content rich, and people full experience!

Thanks to my friend and best roomie ever, Sujeiry, my time at the Latism '12 conference was made even better.  That's probably because she has a great big ol' heart, a persistent spirit, and a truly caring nature.  Thanks to our other amazing friends, the only way we could have had a better time was to have more time there!

Not only did I get to sit in on informative sessions, eat yummy food, and socialize with the best of the best, but I had been nominated for Inspirational Blogger!  While, I did not take home the award, I was honored to have been nominated in the first place.  That night after the awards and fiesta, I also acknowledged and shared with my Latism Besties that they are part of my special crew of inspiration and for that I am so appreciative- yes, I would have said that in my acceptance speech!  I did tell them that night but thank you again, Sujeiry and Helen Troncoso!  I love you very much.

I've been wanting to share the love and experience of the Latism '12 Conference, but being from New York and being hit with Super Storm Sandy on October 29th had halted much of my conference high and had effectively changed the course of the normal life we knew here in NYC.  I feel blessed that my home in Queens was simply rattled and lights flickered.  Scary though it was to live through a storm like that, I can't even imagine what others went through and the nightmare that exists still for many.  There has been so much destruction, devastation and so many people in need that it has been heartbreaking.  What has been beautiful is how New York has come together for the most part.  We are strong.  We are resilient.  We are compassionate.  We are recovering.  We will rebuild.  

Latism- Latinos in Tech and Social Media cares about its members.  In fact, the way that LATISM rolls is really family-style.  We are like extended family members.  That's why LATISM is collecting relief funds for its family!  All those affected by Sandy and for those who incurred expenses from having been stranded in Houston and unable to return to the East Coast can apply for a portion of these funds.

***You can donate using the button to the right on this blog! Please consider helping out!  Also, if you would like to give to broader relief efforts, please donate to the Red Cross. ***

LATISM is about inspired action.  We like to uplift with positive messages, but more importantly actions speak louder.  The thing is, to be able to do a lot, requires deep pockets.  Latism partners with awesome sponsors who believe in what LATISM is and what it can do.  In turn, Latism leverages its message and responds with actions that support individuals, projects, initiatives, and whole communities.  In that vein, there's a lot of folks I would like to thank and will do so over twitter and hope to write more about these brands that give so much.

In the meantime, I especially want to thank Toyota for sponsoring the Latism Awards Gala, for its Toyota Ride and Drive test drive activity throughout, and for its Litera-Seeds Mini-Grants opportunity for 2013.
Thanks to Ezzy for your post, pics and vid. Check her post here.

I actually missed this part of the Awards Gala so I am really happy I found this vid on Ezzy's blog!

This post, Vavooooom at LATISM 2012!  shows some of what we experienced with Toyota's efforts.  You can also find and follow Toyota on Twitter by using hashtag #ToyotaLatino.    

"Toyota... They were gracious enough to host the big [LATISM] Red Carpet Awards Gala.  Complete with guest star, Johnny Lozada and feathered dancing ladies parading Toyota’s latest hybrid car, the Prius V.  Have a look." -  Imagine Videos 

Thanks Toyota for partnering with Latism and joining our family!

Thanks LATISM for being part of my extended family and thank all of you awesome people who visit my blog and think I do something a little special here.  I hope you get a chance to donate to the Sandy Relief effort.  We need your help, please.

Wishes of Resilience & Love,

~Vicky B.

Disclosure: LATISM sponsored my stay during the conference.  I write what I wanna write.  I speak the truth, cause I like being authentic. :)


  1. This is me testing the comments! :)

  2. Vicky! Mira muchachita, I didn't know you're Twitter's Doc Sabia. *lol* Wanted to meet you, too. I'm relieved to hear that your neighborhood escaped Sandy unscathed and am praying that the affected communities and families near you return to some form of normalcy, soon.

    Really a great post. #Latism13 will be in your neighborhood! Cannot wait. Congrats on your nomination and thank you for linking back to me.

    Hope you're have a restful weekend. :-)