Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Online Dating 101: How To Write that First Message

A post from my OKC Journal called, 

"Hey What's Up?" & What Makes A good Intro Message

"Hey what's up?" as a subject line and then no actual message, is not a good message! Also any version of "Hi", "Hello" with zero substance is generally not a good message!
Good Messages Have at Least One of These Going for Them:
(and if you use any of these "lines" or close variations, you should at least let me know how it goes by commenting here!  These are not guarantees, they are just BETTER messages... If your profile is not on point, she's not gonna write you either...)

  1. Mention something about the person you are interested in. ie. "That's funny that you like horror movies- me too!"
  2. Catch the person off guard. ie. "I'm almost positive you won't respond, but I thought hey we have something in common, so here goes nothing."
  3. Compliment her and express interest. ie. "You have the prettiest smile I've ever seen!  I'd love to see you smile in person."
  4. Be funny. ie. "You just made dating online suck less... I'm changing my mind altogether about it once I hear from you... now you have to write me, right?"
  5. Ask her out. ie "I don't play games. I saw your profile, I liked what I read, and I would love to take you out for coffee/drinks/lunch/dinner/iceskating/movies/etc"

Happy Dating!

Wishes of Kisses,


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